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  • The installation of a bay window at your home will add some extra space and dimension to your room, increasing the square footage of the area.
  • Another benefit of the bay window design for homes is that they offer better ventilation. Since they are crafted into various angles, you can enjoy the breeze from various directions.
  • These uPVC Bay Windows are UV resistant, weather-resistant, termite-resistant and require very little maintenance.
  • These types of windows offer sound insulation, Long-lasting in nature, are corrosion resistant, and are not prone to fading.
  • uPVC bay windows are energy-efficient and extremely safe and secure.
  • A maximum of eight sides can be achieved in the combinations of casement, sliders, and fixed.



  • The stylish and contemporary casement windows are highly energy-efficient
  • When closed, these windows block external sounds and disturbances
  • Our uPVC mock sash casement windows and others are very easy to maintain
  • uPVC casement windows are made of un-plasticized material and are non-hazardous to health.
  • Casement windows offer increased security with grids, multi-lock points, etc.
  • The windows are highly durable and long-lasting
  • They are robust in features and do not expand or contract because of weather conditions



  • Contain impenetrable seals that keep commotion, contamination, residue, and warmth under control
  • Are enduring and add to the general tasteful allure of the room
  • Involve typhoon bars to handle and oppose rapid breezes
  • Come furnished with a bug cross-section to protect your home against bugs
  • Made to expand energy effectiveness and regular light
  • Allow you to play with various styles, sizes, and shapes
  • Have steel strengthened edges for additional strength
  • The ledge plan and downpour tracks help with downpour protection



  • Allows for maximum sunlight to enter
  • Available in a variety of designs and colors
  • Help save significantly on energy, making your house energy efficient.
  • Keeps out noise, dust, heat, and pollution with the air-tight seals
  • Offers superior sound insulation
  • Protects the house against rainwater seepage and storms
  • Provides a clear and unhindered view of outside
  • Also offered in custom sizes



The major benefits of having a glass to glass window installed in your home include: -

  • Glass to glass corner windows provide a better view
  • Helps increase the aesthetic value of your house
  • It allows more light to enter your house which is essential for your health.
  • The glass is weather resistant and the window setup is not susceptible to rust
  • You get a lot of designs and color options in glass to glass corner windows

UPVC Sliding Window

See what makes our sliding windows the perfect choice for your home.

  • Provides superior strength and durability against wind and weather.
  • Energy-efficient design allows you to save on costs and keep your home comfortable.
  • Windows can be customized in various configurations to suit any space.
  • Quality components allow for easy, convenient operation.
  • Sloped sill design ensures water quickly drains away.
  • Unlike wood, our high-quality vinyl components never chip, peel, crack, or warp.


  • The uPVC sliding window offers increased ventilation.
  • uPVC sliding sash windows keep out heat, pollution, dust, and noise
  • Sliding window installation promises smooth functioning
  • Decreased friction between the rollers in uPVC sliding windows
  • Sliding windows come with multi-track and sash options for a bigger span coverage
  • Hurricane bars for winds with high speed and monsoon tracks for massive downpours
  • Choose sliding windows with different hardware, colours, and designs

UPVC Tilt and turn windows


  • Is extremely stylish and gives a contemporary look
  • Offers insulation and brings in sunlight
  • Comes with triple glass option (triple-pane tilt and turn windows) for increased insulation
  • Is weather-resistant without being prone to termite, corrosion, fading, or rust?
  • Helps in noise insulation
  • Provides rain protection and draft-free ventilation
  • Is long-lasting and has an energy-saving design
  • Offers ease of usage
  • Has a turn position that increases ventilation and offers egress opening
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


Highlights and BENEFITS

  • uPVC estate windows are energy-proficient
  • Gives protection from the downpour, residue, and contamination
  • Require less upkeep
  • Require less upkeep
  • Come outfitted with double seals and a multi-chambered plan that helps in forestalling commotion invasion and furthermore decrease heat misfortune